The Ca Rater is an autochthonous breed from the island of Mallorca, with a long tradition in the rural world. According to a series of graphic documents, this breed is about 160 years old. Due to the morphological characteristics of the breed, it is linked to two very ancient groups of dogs: the so-called dogs of pharaonic origin and terriers.

The everyday, particular and individual use, together with the idea of benefit that has been had from dogs until very recent times, has meant that the Ca Rater was not a very referenced type of animal. For this reason, there are few references to the bibliography. That is why it is even more remarkable that a very widespread population did not have a consensus name until almost twenty years ago. Before it received different nominations according to the towns or uses to which it was destined; so could be a fox terrier, pickpocket, rabbit, erisonero.

The type has always been homogeneous, and the recovery work focused more on naming and status than on morphological unification.

During the seventies of the last century, some breeders and fans began to make an orderly recovery. It was in the eighties, already within the Board of Autochthonous Breeds of Mallorca, where the breed and the recovery activity began to be made public.

The Ca Rater is highly appreciated in rural Mallorca in the last century. Throughout its history it has gone through good and bad times, until the Ca Rater Mallorquín club was born in 1990, undertaking the work of selection and recovery of this native Mallorcan breed, bearing fruit in 2002 when the breed was recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries as such.

Currently, this breed is very popular within our islands.




The book was presented in the assembly hall of the Montuïri Town Hall on November 29, 2002. It was published by the Club de Ca Rater Mallorquí and subsidized by the Hunting Office of the Consell de Mallorca.

PAYERAS, Lorenzo; FALCONER, Jamie. Native breeds of the Balearic Islands. Palma de Mallorca: Balearic Government, 1998. 450 p. ISBN: 84-923765-0-3

Currently, the book is out of print, although there was a second edition from 2004.

By the same authors is Autochthonous Races of the Balearic Islands, an extensive work where there is a chapter referring to the Mallorcan character.