In 1990, the Club Ca Rater Mallorquí was founded, known by the acronym CEPRAM. It brings together breeders, fans and hunters of Majorcan hunting dogs.

The Club has within its statutory functions, the following:

  • Promote the breeding and use of the Mallorcan Ca Rater
  • Coordinate and improve the breed morphologically and functionally

  • Proceed with the request, organization and management of the genealogical book of the breed in accordance with current regulations 

The Club organizes dog concentrations, following a tradition even as old as the Club, such as that of Montuïri, since 1990. It is also present at hunting fairs and agricultural and livestock events throughout Mallorca.

Currently the census of dogs of the breed registered in the club is over a thousand copies. Many specimens are still outside the records, as occurs in the areas of origin of the breeds.

Even so, the annual inscriptions of pups in the registry are around 150 specimens. Considerable figure, especially when compared to other local breeds that have enjoyed official records since long before.

In 2002 the Club del Ca Rater Mallorcan took on another dimension by being officially recognized as a group of breeders of purebred dogs.


President: Maria Cassellas Gelabert.

Vice Presidents: Joan Miralles Gomila, Miquel Durán Gayà, Llorenç Payeras Capellà

Treasurer: José Francisco Riutort Sbert

Members: Rafael Garau Genobart, Llorenç Mestre Sureda, Maribel Costa Nadal, María Antonia Espinosa Moreno and Francisca Sala.

Address: C/ Sa corona, 18 – 07230 Montuïri (Mallorca, Balearic Islands) / Tel. 971 64 61 02